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    My team of experts is highly experienced in navigating the complex legal issues of international investment. Guaranteed!
Professional Team
Faroway team is made up of Israeli, Chinese and Western professionals. Each a specialist in their field and in their geographic arena.
Your Strategic Position
We study your strategic position, short term and long term objectives, market potential, exit strategy and all other relevant factors to ensure your desired success.
Your Desired Success
Faroway has the expertise and ability to take your firm through fund raising, IPO, market expansion, corporate governance and post transaction monitoring and follow-up.
Getting You That Desired Success
We are your professional presence in China. Experienced, professional and focused expertise in rules, regulations and customs.


[新闻] 以色列知名投资公司远罗 (Faroway) CEO访问长众所

A meeting with Hubei > Wuhan company discussing a potential crowdfunding exchange...
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Faroway meeting with Wuhan Equity Exchange to discuss how to assist with their growth

Mr. G. Michael Bennett, CEO of Faroway Group, Ltd.;  Julie Du, Due Diligence Manager...
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Faroway attended as a VIP guest of the CITCS 2016 Xiamen | Israel – China innovation

Mr. G. Michael Bennett, CEO of Faroway Group, Ltd. and  Julie Du, Due Diligence...
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New Frontier

Lets face it. China is not only the worlds fastest growing economy, but also a world leader in terms of untapped market potential. Faroway has the resources to tap into this behemoth, which can provide you an abundance of new funding opportunities.

USD Transactions

There are any number of problems that could arise when searching for investment in China. Government restrictions can sometimes make it impossible for your investors to get their money to you when you need it. Faraway has the facilities to make sure that whatever capital leaves your VC’s pocket turns into US dollars in your bank account.

Finding You the Right Outlet 

It’s no secret that what sells in one market may prove to be absolutely useless in a new one. Sometimes, it can be like fitting a square peg into a round hole. We know what sells, and we will help you customize your products and services so they can affectively reach the right markets in the way they will find it most useful.


Israel > Startup Nation

Did you know that Israel is the world’s leader in investment dollars per capita ($423)? Why do you think that is? We follow this phenomenon very closely, and can bring the most lucrative new technologies to your doorstep so you can jump on the opportunities before they are available to anybody else

Follow the Money ¥

We get it. You are concerned about what happens with your investments after they leave your wallet. And why wouldn’t you be? That is why at Faroway, we will show you how and where your capital is being utilized, so you can rest assured that you are achieving the biggest bang for your buck! 

Legal Gurus

One of the greatest hurdles in international investment is navigating the various legal obstacles that differ from country to country. Our legal team is second-to-none and can make sure you don’t get blind-sided by legal issues you didn’t see coming. 

About Us

Faroway is unparalleled in the ability to bring together the technology and acumen of Israeli businesses and the Chinese vast skills at adopting and assimilating new technology in the dynamic Chinese market. Developed over decades of dedicated professionals in Israel, China and elsewhere, Faroway has been very successful in assisting, guiding and advising firms in identifying and securing quality, qualified and transferable Israeli technology for other markets in the EU, USA, China and ASEAN;


  • Our experience

    Faroway has an extensive presence in the China market - having the experience and background to ensure your success
  • You know where you stand

    In Faroway Yes means Yes. Our professional western team who is intimately daily involved with China market where 'Yes' can mistranslated. Faroway leads you to a real 'yes' = positive outcome
  • Because you prefer transparency

    The success of your project is where we gain our reputation and return. We provide you the highest standard of fiduciary and integrity of any of our relationship

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